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About Me

As the golden years become my new normal I have the oppportunity to spend more time in creative pursuits. Finally being able to pursue my dream of spending my days creating all the things I've longed to create over the years is such a delight.  Embracing my inner child, freeing my spirit and giving my creative-muse free-reign over my psyche is a dream come true.


Embracing the "age of the crone" as it welcomes me - has proven to be an amazing time of reflection and personal growth. A time of sorting through the concepts and beliefs that no longer (or never did) serve my higher being/highest good. A time of sorting through personal and household possessions with an eye to simplifying life to its basic needs and getting rid of all the fluff. A time of paring away that which isn't absolutely necessary to free-up more time in which to create. A time of embracing a minimalist attitude so that when my spirit chooses another form to move on to, my children and grandchildren will not be "stuck with a bunch of junk to sort through" but will instead, inherit the very few things that hold sentimental value or real value without all the sorting and disposal that so many others have experienced before them.


And while the onset of two forms of arthritis has changed my reality and my future opportunites somewhat, I am thrilled to still be able to create, digitally for the most part, (thanks to Apple products and Procreate plus many other apps). I hope my creations bring you joy. The act of creation is multifaceted, not only does the end result represent an act of creation, it contains a piece of the artist's spirit. Every piece I have ever created carries with it a small piece of my heart and soul. I believe this is inherent in every act of creation and that every artist is probably aware of it. The very act of creation is, for me, and act of love and I am passionate about not adding to my carbon footprint on this magnificent planet.


I am happy to have your company on this journey as I set out into my final profession as blogger/artist/artisan/crafter/digital designer. I hope you find things that lift your spirit, at least for a moment, while you look through my creations, read my blog, or look at the photos I have taken. I hope that your momentary walk beside me via my creative endeavors will enhance your life and touch your heart - I hope we have a spirit-to-spirit connection for a few moments and that you come away from time spent with me feeling better and being happy to have spent your time thusly.


With gratitude and love I bid you, Namaste.



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